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November 3, 2008.

Hot Dog

Your pooch is picture perfect, but no one can tell from your crappy camera phone pics.

Capture Puppy in all his tail-wagging glory at Doggy Studio & Boutique. Photographer Shelly Guberek may be a veteran of Art Basel and Frost Art Museum, but her pet project is unlocking your canine’s inner prima donna.

Her secret? The full dog and pony show (sadly, there are no actual ponies). Instead of coaxing your pup to play nice, Guberek encourages customers (the dogs, not you) to give the store a rigorous sniffing (even a tinkle) to create a sense of calm and confidence. When Fido is sufficiently primed, Guberek starts snapping.

The boutique also sells props like custom beds and couture collars. Note to subjects: Be fierce. Just like ANTM, sometimes bad behavior makes the best shots.

That’s the nature of the beast.